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Dog’s name and age: Jax, 7 years

Jax’s story: I’m a vet tech and this is my dog Jax who was called in to donate blood for a puppy that needed an emergency blood transfusion at our clinic. He sat like an angel for the whole bag and he saved the puppy’s life! I’m so proud of my handsome boy and I think he was proud too.

When Jax isn’t saving lives, he loves traveling and going hiking with his brother Titus. Jax is my Velcro dog. He’s happy wherever I am, and I’m happiest on the trail so he’s adapted to become the best trail dog ever. If there are plenty of cuddles and treats, this chunky monkey doesn’t care where we go.

jax dog donates blood


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Jax is the embodiment of loyalty and love and I am so grateful for this rescue pup. I love you so much.

See more from Jax on his Instagram and learn more about how your dog can be a blood donor hero.

jax dog donates blood